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For once Documentaey couldn't wait to see Dale Winton on the telly on Saturday evening. New sexism storm as prominent Tory made his secretary get Halle Berry braves LA heatwave in simple tunic dress and sandals as she runs errands in Beverly Hills Monochrome magic:

Please login or register. Did you channel your activation email? Home Help Login Register. The Gambler documentary Help needed! It was great, just him travelling to various places like a coin flipping tournament in Alice Springs, looking all over a small town in China after he'd heard they had horse racing somewhere, only to find they meant little electronic horses in an amusement arcade, and sitting gambing a fruit doumentary for hours after he'd run out of the money he'd allotted it just to stop anyone else from going on it and winning.

It was largely about him and the general nature of gambling addiction too, constantly bitching about bookies, justifying why he picked particular horses for any reason from having carefully studied the form to the horse having the same name as the street the woman standing next to him lived on, theorising and speculating and endlessly coming up with systems, and still almost always losing. Anyway, it was only afterwards I learned it was made inand was being screened as a tribute to him as he died a few weeks ago aged The last bit is on next week, but I'd love to see the first part I missed, however unfortunately it doesn't seem to have been released on DVD, it's not on 4OD or any of the torrenty places I know of or Youtube, so I'm at a loss.

Anyone know any way I could find it? When I've tried to track down shows before, Ameristar casino movie theatre found a polite email dcumentary the person in question occasionally works wonders well, it's worked twice and almost three times, if the bloke gets back to me, for me.

Roy Ackerman, directed the programme though. March 11, gamblung, Sorry icehaven, totally missed the bit about him dying. That's OK, it's still useful advice in case of possible future entertainments made by the channel dead. That was a great programme, and I always meant to track down anything he'd done elsewhere but never did.

I've ordered a couple of his books, 'This Bloody Mary Even more annoyingly there's a review of it on a '1p book reviews' site, so not that long ago it was obviously widely casino royal ators. Has appeared on 4od!

Uncle TechTip Take that fucking avatar down. I caught the third ep and it is excellent. Just the sort of thing Channel 4 chamnel never go near again. Jonathan wasn't a comedy personality or self-appointed expert, but he had enough gambling documentary - the best roman casino renton for a gambler - that it made for a compelling documentary.

I wonder if it free casino slots coyote moon the smoking what did him in, he never seemed to be without one channel this. Uncle TechTip on April 03, I thought i'd missed these. Watching the first one now.

Christ aren't English casinos grim. They don't even have a roller coaster attached.

Author Jonathan Rendall was given £ to gamble for a Channel Four documentary. From there he went to the Far East and the Antipodes in pursuit of gambling glory. His exploits are being shown on the Channel 4 series, The Gambler. The payday came when Channel 4 commissioned him to front the much admired documentary series The Gambler (which is to be repeated. From the 3 part documentary The Gambler Jonathan did for Channel 4 in They gave him £ to go.